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Sex and Violence in Supernatural

So in general I've found Supernatural Season 4 so consistently and absurdly sexist it's often like watching a hilariously wrong parody. This episode took this to it's logical conclusion, it's like someone wrote a deconstruction of the show and sneakily disguised it as a regular episode.

I watched the first 5 or so minutes of this episode then stopped and went to Cam.

Me: I need to know if this episode is going to piss me off as much as I think it will.
Cam: Which one is it?
Me: Well, it starts with a beautiful blonde woman who is viciously bludgeoned to death by her husband for no apparent reason. And now it looks like it's all the fault of an evil woman.
Cam: You are going to have to be way more specific.
Me: It's an evil stripper.
Cam: Let me look it up....Oh that episode. It goes somewhere interesting, trust me. You should keep watching.

And I did, and then I went "OH. I remember hearing about this one. Hee."

Basically it takes the subtext of the show, and makes it text.

There's a siren who becomes what men desire most, makes them fall in love with her, then drugs and persuades them to kill the woman they actually love. We see the siren's actual form and it's sexless and ugly.

So far typical SPN "Women are evil deceitful temptresses and/or victims of torture porn."

We meet a sexy female doctor who seems to be interested in helping the boys. She must be the sexy evil siren! Don't trust her Sam!

Meanwhile Dean meets a helpful manly male FBI agent and the two of them bond.

What I remembered? The siren is the FBI agent.

That's right, what Dean desires most in the world is another man. Which obviously made the slashers swoon like a swooning thing, but the other interpretation is that Dean is simply incapable of caring enough about a woman to ever sacrifice anything for her. (Or both)

Meanwhile the doctor has assertively gotten Sam into bed and the music and direction make it clear that we're supposed to be thinking "NO DEAN SHE IS AN EVIL MURDEROUS SLUT DON'T FALL FOR HER CHARMS! SEX=DEATH!". Except I know she's not!

Sam and Dean have an argument. Sam says the doctor is innocent. Dean says "You slept with her didn't you! What is with you sleeping with monsters? Fine! I'll take care of it!" He calls the FBI agent comes with him and (being the perfect man) he trusts Dean's judgement that this woman is a monster.

And only then does the siren drug him, through a shared hip flask, and says "You can't trust Sam, not like you can me. You should get him out of the way, so that we can be..brothers." Cue a million Wincesters squeeing at the fairly explicit equation of sexual desire with Sam and Dean's bond. AND IT JUST GETS BETTER FROM THERE.

"I'm the little brother Dean always wanted, he loves me"
"Is that why you're slutting all over town in a G string?"

And then the siren (still male) shoots saliva into Sam's mouth(*) and says "So I know you guys have some issues to work through, so why don't you discuss it, and whoever survives can be with me forever."

And then follows some of the brotherly angst and violence Supernatural does best. I love that if Bobby hadn't have saved them, Dean would totally have killed Sam and they both know it.

Afterwards Dean says "So you going to call (the doctor)?"
And Sam says "Nah, not interested. What's the point?"

Ah, Supernatural.

(*)Of course if you read this as a kiss the siren verges into evil seductive genderqueer bisexual territory, which while not SPNs usual balliwick is still a pretty creepy trope. I prefer to read it as the siren being too homophobic to kiss him, since it would definitely have been more efficient :)
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....wow. Now I see where the Wincesters get it from!