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jonquil ([personal profile] jonquil) wrote in [personal profile] sqbr 2010-02-08 02:40 am (UTC)

You are writing as though the Internet is big enough only for one discussion at a time, and as if there's some sort of social-justice reservation system in which the first topic to be raised must be given everyone's exclusive attention until it is agreed to have come to a conclusion.

Conversations don't work that way. There are thousands of people out there all talking at once, and conversations are constantly spiralling off in different directions. There is no one mandatory conversation. It is the nature of the way people talk that they wander off on side paths.

There is an enormous difference between interjecting yourself into an existing conversation and trying to turn it to your own interests -- answering on a journal or a blog or a community, making your own posting as an entry into the conversation -- and choosing to have your own conversation that runs in parallel. The first is derailing an established conversation; the second is choosing to travel on an entirely different rail.

Secondly, you are handwaving away intersectionality. When (to take my own issues) gay men object to (straight, queer, and many other) women's expression of sexuality, there are *both* issues of straight-gay privilege *and* issues of male-female privilege at stake, and neither of them represents a derail from the other. And, as many LBTQQA women pointed out, there was also erasure of many participants in the debate, and calling that out wasn't a derail either.

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