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Ah ah ah! ([personal profile] whatistigerbalm) wrote in [personal profile] sqbr 2010-02-08 03:47 am (UTC)

I don't know. I think a clue lies in this line:

Posters 4,5,6 and 8 are not engaging with the topic and are instead talking about something which places them at the centre and doesn't confront them.

You said it. Apart from Poster 6, they are not engaging with the topic, not being part of the conversation. Merely having their posts up at the same time as another discussion is going on is not enough to link them into the same conversation, one in which they are being actively unhelpful, so where does the linking happen?

Elsewhere. There exists another external post, or a link round-up, which interprets all these as being part of the same conversation even though they are not.* Why has the external post put them together - is it because they're happening at the same time in the (roughly) same medium, for example LJ/DW/etc., or something else?

(* I agree with what Zvi said about opening one's post with an invocation of topic X and then carrying on with topic Y: if there is no solid reason to mention X and thus link the post with the greater discussion that is actually about X, why bring it up?

But among the people you describe only Poster 6 did this; Poster 4 locked their entry, whereas 5 and 8 did nothing objectionable. If I read a bunch of posts about women and slash, and then post about the current troublesome political situation in California or something - without bringing up women or slash at all - am I derailing? No, I'm in a completely different place.

But the internet being what it is, it is quite possible for a Poster 10 to notice that there is a discussion on slash going on and conclude that I'm being disloyal by not writing about it, that I am actively, deliberately ruining it by writing about other things although, since Poster 10 assumes (correctly, but irrelevantly) that I am aware of the slash debate.)

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