sqbr: She's getting existential again. It's ok I have a super soaker. (existentialism)
Sophie ([personal profile] sqbr) wrote 2010-02-08 06:53 am (UTC)

I definitely think 4 and 5 should not be criticised or externally judged. I think they might want to ask themselves why they aren't engaging with the topic, but they may have a very good answer to that question, and nobody but them knows what's going on in their heads. And they should not be included in link roundups on the topic!

I think Poster 8 would be blameless were they not immediately following, and aware of, Poster 6. If there was no Poster 6, there would be nothing connecting disability in fanfic to the silencing of women's voices, and the two topics could coexist happily.

And I can definitely see the argument for Poster 8 being justified anyway, it does depend on the exact circumstances and how much responsibility you think people should take for the indirect effects of their actions. The only unambiguous derailer here is Poster 6.

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