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legionseagle ([personal profile] legionseagle) wrote in [personal profile] sqbr 2010-02-08 07:09 am (UTC)

We really need to talk about Poster 4

For me, the moment when your original comment over at [Unknown site tag] jumped the shark was when you suggested that a poster writing to 10 people on a locked post could still be derailing. I was about to post a riposte to that there, and then noted that you said you had explained yourself badly and had posted something longer here, so I came here and read your further thoughts. However, I note with regard to Poster 4 ("Poster4: (locked) These posts about disability got me thinking about how being overweight is portrayed in fic. I don't want to derail from the existing conversation, but also wanted to get my thoughts down. ") we have got someone thinking about an issue sparked by another issue, being sensitive to derailing, and then taking steps (locking her post) to avoid doing so inadvertently. All the things [personal profile] wistfuljane and [personal profile] zvisuggested made one a good little internet citizen, in fact.

But, for you, these appear not to be enough. You state, "think Posters 4 and 5 might want to question why they felt the need to talk about something else.."

Why the hell should they? Or, more to the point, why the hell should they share their thoughts on why their post deserves to be made with you? Or "self-criticise" as to whether their motives are worthy enough to give themselves internal permission to post on a topic of relevance to them in their own journal?

Perhaps they're wrung out with disability issues because their mother is in an increasingly severe state of dementia and they need distraction on the internet but feel fluff will be somehow inappropriate, so they're using concerns about weight issues as displacement activity. Perhaps someone in the disability debate has given them a really useful insight into how an issue in the fat-positive community can be handled better. Perhaps they simply feel they have nothing to contribute tot he disability debate but have a burning desire to do something useful and see it as a way in.

In any case, once they're doing it locked it seems to me that they are doing everything that can reasonably be expected of them (more, I would submit) to stop derailing the other conversation and trying to guilt them into shutting up because it isn't a topic you happen to be particularly interested in strikes me as getting into the realm of thought policing.

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