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Adelheid ([personal profile] adelheid) wrote in [personal profile] sqbr 2010-02-08 10:01 am (UTC)

I agree with what Zvi said about opening one's post with an invocation of topic X and then carrying on with topic Y: if there is no solid reason to mention X and thus link the post with the greater discussion that is actually about X, why bring it up?

What if the solid reason is "this is what made me start thinking about the topic." My brain works in a "reference everything" mode - part of going from being a lawyer to a librarian, I suspect. (I note that [personal profile] wistfuljane is now putting "breadcrumb" links at the bottom of her posts, although notably only those posts on the topic where the OP agrees with her.)

The example that is foremost in my mind as part of this conversation - post-RaceFail round #1 last year (which did my head in in numerous ways), I started thinking about just *why* that discussion had upset me so much. I came to certain conclusions, some of which question the orthodoxy of the Tone Argument as applied throughout that conversation. I have not yet been game to write and post said post, because I suspected at the time that it would be derailing, and I have suspected ever since that it would not be appreciated by certain vocal members of the broader LJ community. (Indeed, I was dissuaded by making a "this is my context" post by a (very sensible) friend of mine because she thought it would be seen as provocative. So as a result, some thought processes that might have actually gotten me around to Jane and perhaps even Zvi's way of thinking eventually, have been cut off by a sense that I'm not "allowed" to work through these things constructively.

I have to admit I rather doubt that I'm making any sort of helpful sense at the moment.

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