Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 05:40 am
1. Welp, I was at work from noon until 4:30am, so basically I didn't get anything done today except work, but now inventory is done and we don't have to do it again until September!

2. Look at this Jasper! Such a big boy. He's just a few days shy of five months old now. :)

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 06:36 pm
I have a new bed! And new pillows! My bedroom smells quite strongly of latex! (Because the mattress is latex and new and the pillows are latex and/or memory foam and also new.) And slightly of wood and varnish.

Have cautious hopes of, like, sleep and stuff, now.

My bed had, since I ordered the new one, gone critical and pretty much collapsed (also damaging the wall, it turns out) and for a few weeks I was sleeping on the mattress on the slats on the floor.

But now I have a bed. Having watched the delivery guy assemble it, I'm rather pleased with the design. The thing that meant the collapse of my old bed was that the welds gave way. My new bed isn't made of metal at all, and instead, the load strain goes directly down into solid jarrah about five inches thick.
Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 05:17 pm
My last craft update was near enough 6 weeks ago. After the push to finish/keep track of things last year, I've mostly let things go along however I felt at the time, with the goal to at least progress something every day. Progress/etc
  • stalled - curtains for middlest. I needed to unpick (which has now been done) and resew. I keep forgetting about this - need to make an active pile of projects and put this on top
  • stalled - curtains for youngest - still need to pick fabric 
  • fininshed - ifancy circles crochet along - finished and sewed in the ends for the last two blocks, sewed it all together. I don't think I'm going to block it, just need to photograph it, which requires me to find the download cable for the camera and clear it off, as it is *full*.
  • stalled - landscape long stitch - have not found the book with the french knots explanation that works for me. Also, not found fabric to fit my requirements for backing/lining. 
  • stalled - parrots long stitch - youngest was adding the surround, but seems to have stopped. I think that we agreed that I would do some, but I need to confirm that rather than going ahead. I did unpick and resew the canvas on the embroidery frame, so that the tension went in the right direction
  • stalled - 365 days of patchwork project - I keep downloading the patterns, but not doing anything else. I keep promising it as a reward, and then not getting done the necessary things, which suggests I'm not seeing it as a treat.
  • new/finished - I knitted a couple of swatches for purrdence for their knitting for kitties project
  • new/finished - I knitted a blanket for the cat haven. It needs blocking and photographing, but is otherwise done. 
  • new - pussy hats - as per the Women's March On Washington, although somewhat late. I'm doing this for two purposes - to contribute to a project run by a friend, and to have some for the mother's day stall I'm obliged to provide things for. At this point, I've knitted three, and cast on (and knitted and frogged and cast on - managed to pull the needle out while the yarn was being pulled elsewhere) another. Need to sew up the three that I have. 
So, of my ongoing four projects - the travelling in the car project has become an at home (landscape long stitch); the at home sitting quietly hand project is finished (fancy circles), the take it anywhere hand project of 'use up all the yarn' has morphed from crochet to knitting, but is otherwise still chugging along; the at home project that isn't handwork (365 patchwork) has stalled. 

Which means that I need to set a new set of project goals. But not today, because right now, I don't care a lot. I have more hats to knit, and I promised to make some mug rugs. These are all that I have the oomph to pay any attention to at present...

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 09:53 pm
New icon courtesy of [personal profile] rydra_wong! Seems fitting.

OK, this is cool and hopeful: a new technology for dealing with oil spills.

This is a fab resource for fic- and genre-writers, I believe.

At times they sounded like villains from a Michael Crichton novel. Russian scientists fight to save the earth from climate change by restoring the Pleistocene grasslands in the Siberian Arctic. This includes re-establishing herds of bison, musk oxen, wild horses -- and woolly mammoths. These Russians are bringing back the ice age to protect the future.

You might need to see this toad with a hat.

You might also need to see the art for this awesome mashup.


Politics is all moving too fast to keep up! Argh. Also, eeps.

A few political links:

People Power.


Resist repeal of the ACA.

Resist Bot.


I rarely get into professional stuff here, but I thought I’d share something today. I spent part of this week in training, learning how to comply with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. What’s that, you say? let me tell you a story. )

Anyway, that’s my little lecture about how the administrative state is responsible for saving tens of millions of birds nationwide.
Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 11:38 am
Because I'm feeling crappy, but I'm trying to at least make a pretence at functional, I'm going to actually write a goals list. Things added here may end up being things I've already achieved, but whatever. 
  • stay out of bed until dinner time
  • no iPad until people leave after singing - not quite. I forgot that it was 'before people leave' and thought it was 'before dinner', so I read a bit of feedly while resting post-dinner. 
  • pay fees/laptop charge
  • solve the knitting problem [frogged it, have now cast on again]
  • get DW email box <1 screen
  • get DW inbox <770
  • get FB email box <400 (from >450)
  • do all the sitting down parts of dailies list mostly
  • cook dinner (put something in the slow cooker)
  • put sticky notes in week ones CLB notes
  • take youngest to dance (and pick them up again)
Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 10:43 am
I'm going through my ex-work email in the hope that I can find the one or two emails from the last two weeks that might be relevant (email will be turned off at midnight on the 31st, so I have to make sure to be checking right up until then).

There are so many spam messages asking me to submit information to fake conferences, or asking me to submit papers for journals that are not in my field. Right now, I want to reply to every single one of them with the simple words 'Fuck off'. 

[in other news, I'm feeling about as bad as yesterday, but I have told myself a) no ipad and b) stay out of bed (sleeping on the couch is acceptable, as is anything else that gets me through the day), and so I'm getting a random subset of Useful Tasks dealt with, mostly while sitting at the desk in the music room. This is a much nicer place to work since I moved the intray I was ignoring and put a pretty basket of yarn there instead.]
[Oh, and misusing coffee to motivate on this]
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 09:03 pm
 I had a realistic but long list of things I was going to do today. Sadly, I appear to have *another* virus, because every time I try and do something I come out in a sweat and dizzy. So most of the day has been spent in bed, feeling slightly miserable. I've managed a little bit of reading email, updating goodreads, and a bit of tidying. Plus faffing on the internet and reading one of the books that need to be returned to the library.

I've also declared that I can't be bothered to finish listening to 'Go Set A Watchman'. I hates it, and I don't see the point in suffering through it any more. Not sure if it is that much different from the previous book, or if it is just that audio books can be hard going, but I'm not seeing any point in any more of it - I fail to believe that life was just consistently that awful for the comfortably well off white folk. 
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 01:59 am
1. I posted more manga! I'm excited about that.

2. I had a ton of interviews today and I have a bunch more Friday and Saturday, so I didn't make any final decisions today, but I was really impressed with one guy and he seemed keen on the job, so I probably will hire him at least. (And he was one of the ones who answered the Craigslist ad, so that was definitely money well spent.)

3. I played some Zelda tonight and finally reached Zora's Domain! I also did like four shrines on the way, plus opened up Lanayru Tower. Oh, and killed a Hinox.

4. I get to sleep in tomorrow! The bad news is that the reason I get to sleep in is because I have to work until like 3:00am, so I'm going in around noon. But I'm still glad I get to sleep in, and also it means I won't be there for the morning delivery, which I hate.

5. Sleepy Chloe!

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 02:05 pm
Am trying very hard to not be a jerk about the “what if Jane Austen wrote Star Trek” post a few people have reblogged today on tumblr but godddd how can so many people take these canons that are WALL TO WALL social commentary and jokes and throw away everything except (to me) secondary aspects like character quirks and a distinctive use of semi colons.

Like...I have been rereading a bunch of Jane Austen’s character descriptions recently for a Thing, and I am pretty sure she was incapable of describing anyone for more than a sentence without insulting them, and then probably making some jab at the hypocrisy of whoever is observing them.

I was going to say this is like people in two hundred years writing about Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert and putting a lot of effort into making the language and fashion accurate but having the Daily Show just be a mainstream, earnest news show that never makes jokes but...people kind of do that now, and I GUESS it’s ok that they’re enjoying themselves, and that not everyone has fun the same way I do. I GUESS. MAYBE.

It mostly annoys me because it's not just a subset of fans doing this. There's room for all sorts. But the intellectually shallow nostalgia driven approach is the default across all of popular culture, and the more visible and well funded the adaptation the more likely it is to ignore the things that make the original unique and challenging. (I just had the mental image of Zach Snyder's Pride and Prejudice. That would be...something)

It's also possibly relevant that I am ok at matching Jane Austen's sarcasm but gave up on the semi colons entirely; this may affect my idea of the core traits of an Austen pastiche.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 09:08 pm

Title: Koi-iji: Love Glutton
Original Title: こいいじ (Koiiji)
Author: Shimura Takako
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Josei
Status in Japan: 5 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Migeru
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: 31-year-old Mame has been in love with her childhood friend Souta ever since she can remember. Despite multiple rejections, her love has stayed constant. It's become a habit more than anything, but is it one she'll ever be able to break and get on with her life?

Chapter Summary: Mame finally confronts Sou-chan about his past with her sister.

Chapter 15: A Woman Is a Woman

And here's a full volume download for those who want it.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 02:05 am
1. Our old HDMI switcher box stopped working a while ago, probably due to the cats knocking it off the TV table too many times. So that meant if I wanted to play Zelda on the TV, I had to unplug the Apple TV and plug it in directly (the second HDMI port on the TV is also not working, so we can't just have them both plugged in directly), which is a pain, so it kind of kept me from playing as much as I wanted to (though I was also busy with other stuff).

But I finally remembered to order a new one from Amazon and that came the other day, and today when we were at Target I got velcro sticky things to affix it to the TV stand so it doesn't get knocked over by cats (also got some for the Apple TV, which has also been knocked down many times but is apparently sturdier). So now we can have them both plugged in and easily switch between them (and the X-Box One, though that doesn't get much use)!

2. I played Zelda a bunch this afternoon! I haven't played for like a week, and between watching Carla and the Let's Play I've been following, I am now having a hard time remembering what's stuff that I've actually done and what I've just seen done. Doh. But I did do a lot today. I finally got Link's first memory! And did some small sidequests. And explored a bit more. I think tomorrow I'll head off to Zora's Domain (though I might take a long and winding route and stop at some shrines on the way).

3. I didn't get as much translating done as I'd hoped, but I did get some housework done.

4. I posted manga! Though I just realized the month is nearly over and there's some stuff I haven't even started on yet, so I'd better get on that...

5. I was home with the kitties all day and they were super cuties but somehow I didn't take any pictures. Luckily I have tons of backstock!

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 11:15 am
from 17th March

Two memorable dreams last night. In the first, I basically took the road less travelled, and found peace and beauty. In terms of the details, I turned off the regular route that I took to [place], assuming that the alternate route would loop back and join me up again a little further down the road*. Instead, I found myself in terrain that I would not have thought was there, not in suburbia but in barely touched coastal scrub. The road wound to an unexpected height, at which point I could see a stretch of coast, islands I had previously not been aware of, and a calm ocean to the horizon. The plan was then to go to one of those islands, and live out my life there. Interpretation on this one seems quite simple - I’m doing things different (work/career) wise for the first time in nearly a decade, and have been a bit worried about how this might pan out once I’ve finished my degree. This is my brain telling me that it will be fine.

The second dream happened in two parts. The first was at some kind of party, where I found myself chatting to a woman who was related to a friend. No real details stick of that part of the dream, although there was a message I was supposed to pass on to my friend. In the second part of the dream, I caught up with the friend whose sister I had been talking to. I struggled to remember the name of the sister, and said friend had more than one (none of whom I knew anything about), so there was some back and forth until I remembered some detail that identified which sister I was talking of. Except that said sister had been dead for 15 years. I was about to pass on the message (which I still don’t know what it was) when the alarm went off. For the next hour or so, I felt guilty about not being in a position to pass on the message, because I was so convinced it was important. 

* basically assuming that I was taking the other two sides of a square. Interestingly, this is a particular internal map that has been coming up in dreams for many years, and is roughly located in Floreat. In this dream, I was surprised to find that there was a road that I didn’t recognise.
Monday, March 20th, 2017 04:33 pm
I finally found someone to work with me on this series, so hopefully we'll be able to get it out at a faster pace. :D

Title: You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead
Original Title: 死人との声をきくがよい (Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi)
Author: Hiyodori Sachiko (Uguisu Sachiko)
Publisher: Champion Red Comics
Genre: Shounen
Status in Japan: 9 volumes, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations feat. Nostal
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Sickly Kishida Jun has the ability to see ghosts, but in his opinion, it's a stupid power and nothing good ever comes of it. Considering the number of grisly situations he seems to find himself in after the ghost of his childhood friend Hayakawa Ryoko starts following him around, he may have a point.

Chapter Summary: In chapter 9, a serial killer's creepy dolls continue his dirty work after his death. In chapter 10, Mako enlists Kishida's help to discover her new employer's secret.

Chapter 9: The Puppeteer
Chapter 10: The Actress's Secret
Monday, March 20th, 2017 12:59 am
1. I got permission to place an ad on Craigslist for some positions we're hiring for and already got three replies right after the ad went up. Hopefully I'll get some more replies tomorrow and one or more of these people will work out.

2. Day off tomorrow! Wednesday is inventory, so Tuesday and Wednesday will be very hectic, so I'm looking forward to resting up tomorrow to be ready for that. :p

3. This cutie sleepy Jasper right here!

Monday, March 20th, 2017 11:44 am
Yesterday's long list of realistic v unrealistic plans was a useful exercise, although it did look over the top to start with - that if I was going to try and get things better, I should aim for the realistic, and keep in mind what was going to derail the rest of my life. What I should have done though, was list the main thing (meeting) that was scheduled for the day, and then other possibilities.

Having now written two variants on the realistic/unrealistic, I think the first one (two simple lists, max 10 items each) is the way to go for general 'let's make progress' kinds of days - if I somehow get through the realistic with both time and energy, then the unrealistic is worth considering. *however* the second, over the top, grouped by space has a purpose - working with a set of concurrent deadlines. So, for example, if there had been people coming over, and I wanted there to be space for them to sit/eat, then specifying what I wanted done in the relevant areas of the house, with minimum/realistic options that should be prioritised over any unrealistic/over the top options. 

Today though, I'm tempted to just. do a 'realistic' (although slightly optimistic) list and see where I get to
  • get MS office working
  • take middlest to doctor
  • organise do no knock sticker
  • download assignment
  • week 3 reading for HIS
  • daily to do list 
    • make it sensible (currently makes sense for working, not for studying)
    • tick everything off. 
  • read a book
  • play the same three piano pieces I did yesterday - either more accurately, more quickly, or further towards the end of the piece. 
  • cut mug rug pieces
Monday, March 20th, 2017 10:44 am
I'm currently waiting on MS Office to download* (43 minutes. *sigh*). 

So, I'm closing tabs. 

6 things Paul Ryan Doesn't understand about poverty (But I didn't either)
[I==author. I as reader understand all too well some of the things being discussed. But I think being poor was easier 25 years ago. Or as a single student with a saleable body and a willingness to do some kinds of work that it was hard to get staff for. Except telephone sales. I wasn't willing to do that]

Do not knock stickers, to stop door-to-door sales people (sadly, doesn't apply to charity knockers) - info pages for Western Australians, and for Australians more generally. I just rang the number on the WA page, spent <30 seconds, and they will post me out a couple of stickers. 

... there would be more, but I spent most of the time on the phone chatting to a friend. 

* even though I have an install, I don't have an install of a version I can just buy a product key for, transferring it across from the other computer has failed repeatedly even though it was going to be the same 'copy' because it wasn't going to be running on the other one, and I've hit the end of the time period where I can afford to throw more time at it, so I've gone for throwing money at the problem, and oh so glad I am that throwing money at the problem is an option. Yes, I know I could get a free student version with a student email address, but that is for a subscription service, and I'm damned if I'm going to let them have that much access to my stuff if I can help it
Sunday, March 19th, 2017 06:58 pm
So I already knew about how The Hazel Scott Show was taken off the air when Scott volunteered to tell off the HUAC, but I was not aware that the DuMont Television Network also gave Anna May Wong her own TV show where she played an art dealer who was also a detective.

In 1951.

They threw the tapes in the Hudson river.


If I ever get a time machine, after that threesome with Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell, I'm going to spend years recording lost TV episodes and banging short-sighted people over the head with a heavy rubber mallet. The only reason I'm not spending more time in the current day doing the latter is that I don't have a time machine to escape into.
Sunday, March 19th, 2017 09:01 pm
Today I had occasion to buy a tube of that caramel flavoured paraffin stuff you give to cats who get hairballs regularly, Beatrice >:( Laxapet is not actually the brand name of the stuff I bought today, but it's the same stuff and that's what I'm used to calling it.

Why did I need a new tube? Well, the old one had disappeared. Disappeared how and why? It is a mystery.

I bought the new tube and brought it in, and shooed Dorian away from it when he seemed to be way too interested, and then tonight I tried to administer some to Beatrice. The problem was not getting her to take it (in my experience cats love this stuff. It's very strange.) The problem was that the tube wouldn't squeeze easily.

Why wouldn't the tube squeeze easily? I don't know, but the two neat puncture marks on the other end of it probably had something to do with that.