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Sunday, February 21st, 2010 09:26 am
So, the universe (via it's earthly representative [community profile] linkspam) has kindly decided to give me a real world example of the hypothetical derailing conversation I came up with.

(And yes, I know, it doesn't fit the pattern EXACTLY. It's still pretty close to have happened within less than two weeks)

First: I just read this Bones fic "Someone loses an eye" description of Amanda Palmer's new album and it's really ableist.
And then inevitably All these posts about disability are making me feel silenced. Don't they realise how that hurts my feelings as a woman female artist? Our voices NEVER get to be heard, and now these oversensitive disabled people are telling ME what I can and cannot write! Helen Keller would be ashamed.(*)
which of course leads to
I think it's really important that we focus on the way women's voices artists are silenced.

Something I did not have an equivalent of in my post but which is an important part of the dynamic: a slightly separate but equally valid discussion of the issues to do with the project involving sexual abuse. EDIT: In my opinion a perfect example of how sometimes two different discussions around a topic can exist simultaneously without either of them being a derail.

*waits for someone to accuse me of being pro censorship*

(*)That's just in one section, the overall post goes in multiple contrary directions at once.
sqbr: A cartoon cat saying Ham! (ham!)
Thursday, August 21st, 2008 10:48 am
Night before last: I have a dream revolving around a small white dog (possibly Snoopy) and sports being played on a large oval (The dog was in charge of them maybe?)
The next day we pass two small white dogs playing on an oval with sports equipment. Not that freaky.

Then last night I have a dream where at one point I can't find my glasses and then I realise they're hanging off someone's front pocket (possibly Cam?)

This morning, I can't find my glasses, and it turns out they're hanging off Cam's front pocket (he put them there to annoy me) Freaky.

You know what I didn't dream and would have been useful? Forgetting my keys and having to walk back for them :/ Still, Cam was nice enough to walk back with me (rather than just lending me his key), proving he's worth the odd annoyance :)