Saturday, August 15th, 2009 08:13 am
This is the basic stuff I assume as context when I post. The links are to extra info for the curious, I'm not going to assume people have read them!

I have a lot of social media accounts, almost always under the name sqbr.

I was born near the end of 1979.
I was born and live in Perth, Western Australia.
I'm an atheist, shading into agnostic around the edges.

Social context
I'm afab and genderfluid.
I'm white, a mix of Anglo, Eastern European and Jewish.
I have anxiety and depression.
I have chronic fatigue syndrome to the extent that I can't work, and identify as disabled. (A rundown of my health issues) I also have a lot of food intolerances, use a power wheelchair, and can't walk up stairs without a lot of pain(*).
I'm married to [ profile] distantcam and biromantic grey asexual.
My parents are well educated lefty artist types working unskilled low-paid jobs, which makes me ambivalent about my class status.

I'm a science fiction fan, and am involved in local con-going fandom.

I draw a lot, including comics. I also make visual novels (art, writing, and coding). My fanish creative stuff can be seen at my alias_sqbr tumblr and the AO3. I also have Professional Artist And Game Developer stuff that avoid linking to my fannish persona publically but can be seen here if you're on the access list for sqbr or here for alias_sqbr.
I have a Phd in computational mathematics and love science, though I kind of burnt myself out talking about it after working in Science Communication for many years. (My maths page)


I am sometimes very bad at judging social cues or figuring out what other people are thinking.
I sometimes have difficulty replying to messages.
I have conflict anxiety, but am pretty good with calmly expressed criticism.
I like discussion and expressing my opinions which can sometimes come across as a bit combatitive.
I like most people, and am very happy for random people to join in the conversations on my blog.

I'm very absent minded, so have probably forgotten some stuff :)

(*)These last two are less relevant to my blog and more things I like to mention as often as possible so that people don't invite me for wine and cheese at the top of a flight of stairs.