Saturday, September 7th, 2013 08:46 pm
These have been building up for a while (since May? Really??), in some cases I'm just taking a rough guess as to why I thought a link was worth saving.

Various perspectives on the whole "do women write enough women" thing:
misogyny round #5,638
sometimes I feel like just ducking my head in to note

John Green: (I don't hate the guy particularly, I just found the discussion interesting)
He claims not to give a shit about adults
i have an issue with john green

Short quotes:
Consider A Birdcage
Fandom is weird
When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men I had some thoughts about how this relates to "choice" feminism but of course can't remember them now

Random stuff:
Avoid the Friend Zone from a rational self interest POV

Sexual Harassment at SF Conventions

They Finally Tested The 'Prisoner's Dilemma' On Actual Prisoners — And The Results Were Not What You Would Expect

Postmodern geekdom as simulated ethnicity I had issues with this I can't remember

Reading the Captain Awkward post on housekeeping Got me thinking about the hand holding men usually need to do "girly" tasks when for other stuff they'd go out and teach themselves.

I Renounce My Elysian Citizenship I haven't seen Elysium, but gosh there are a lot of sf movies about class divides coming out of the US lately, all centering on white people

Decay in non-fluoride areas rivals Third World Only Australian link I didn't delete...

Teju Cole’s 9 questions about Britain you were too embarrassed to ask

Tree I am TOTALLY with you on this multifandom gif set. Urgh, every time something like that crosses my dash I just know it's the AO3 tumblr :/ And from what I know of those fandoms it's actually even more white and male than it needs to be, eg the two shows I recognised with POC leads they just happened not to show them (in the case of ATLA they showed an animal, since there are no white people)

EDIT: Two more I had in tabs!
Disability access and being a bystander

False Consciousness in Sunnydale: Karl Marx, Adam Smith, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer I thought this started off interesting then uncritically assumed that Joss Whedon's class metaphors are perfect reflections of reality rather than influenced by his own false consciousness or whatever.


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