Saturday, July 9th, 2016 12:03 am (UTC)
But no matter how much Team Acephobe seems to want it to be, the mere fact of ID-ing as asexual is not inherently 1. TMI and/or 2. sex-shaming.

Yep. And it's so contradictory, too - a lot of the spaces I've been in where that attitude is prevalent are very much in favor of letting people talk frankly about sex and sexuality, and while I think it's a good thing that spaces like that exist, there is no possible coherent definition of TMI where "I just jacked off" or "I want [fictional character or celebrity] to [do very specific things to me]" is A-okay, but "I don't really like sex stuff" is crossing the line. Just admit you think prudishness is a character flaw already, assholes.

(And yes, yes, a lot of these people used to be sex-averse and are happier now that they're enjoying sex, but they're still assholes for generalizing their experience to everyone.)


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