Sunday, July 10th, 2016 05:30 pm (UTC)
It's anime! Have V.P.A.G (Vaguely Para Anime Girl) bedeck her chair with all sorts of kawaii swag! A mini-wind sock, or pinwheel, that spins as she rolls hither and yon, a clip-on water bottle holder in the shape of a panda! etc.

Oh, and just a note:

The only long term manual wheelchair users I've seen rely entirely on other people were those too cognitively impaired to control a power chair.

In my experience (which, granted, is limited to my just my own lifetime), those deemed "too cognitively impaired" for motorized wheels have largely been nonverbal, which get (mis)diagnosed as cognitive impairment.

Given how expensive motorized chairs are, and how 99% of mobility tech assessments depend on in-person interviews, asking detailed questions that require nuanced answers, it's very hard to get the right chair match if you're nonverbal, so folks end up in manuals as their best option.


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