Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 04:19 am (UTC)
"Sorry I took a while to reply, I just needed a break from the topic and then got overwhelmed by my inbox in general."

No problem! I mean, you made this amazingly comprehensive post in the first place, that's a LOT. (And then there's how long I know it took me to put together a coherent comment and specifically to hash out the stuff that was useful for public discourse on the topic versus me navel-gazing about my own particular content-area "stuff". As in, what could I bring to the table that might be broadly useful versus me going off on personally-specific tangents about my own faves and their various reception in my particular fannish communities. Because, oh, hells, my tangents, do I have them.)

"the ability for fans who want a given kind of thing to group together and enjoy their squee, in spaces that are clearly marked and where "never the twain shall meet" for people who are squicked/triggered by that content or even just not interested in it"

"Same. Tumblr is terrible for this. Dreamwidth etc are good but too out of date. I'm hoping imzy or something similar lets such spaces exist in the future."

I circled around this awkwardly for a while because, well, the TL;DR is that I want my fannish life to be centered around a site that focuses on low-bandwdith/data-usage text-based communication and that is also run by people who make me feel safe. Hi, Dreamwidth.

Which characters will ping a person as having Signs of Badness often has as much to do with that person's life experiences as the character. Which is fine, but means we need space for multiple interpretations, not a Single Right Interpretations Of Who Is Good And Who Is Bad.

Yes. HOLY GLEAMING UNIVERSE, YES. There's just gotta be... that kind of space. At the very least, within fandom, which, as I said above, last time I looked was a recreational activity, the idea of having spaces where we can all do our own things without getting all over anyone else is important. (And then I'm wandering around in the importance of being able to share with each other--- more in terms of Life than Art, so to speak--- those individual Signs of Badness, if only to make it okay for someone else to acknowledge that something is Bad for them personally, whether or not it hits any threshold of Bad For Everyone.) (I'm thinking of this metafilter thread about Unpaid Emotional Labor as a sample of that.)


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