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Tuesday, January 24th, 2017 11:40 am
This post is part of Femslash Revolution’s I Am Femslash series, sharing voices of F/F creators from all walks of life. The views represented within are those of the author only. Originally posted to tumblr.

Hi, I'm Sophie alias sqbr, a fic writer and fanartist, mostly into Bioware games, anime, and Jane Austen.

This post is basically just a bunch of thoughts about my personal experience, I would be really interested to hear from other people with different experiences. In a sense it's the third in a trilogy:
First, Why do we femslash?, written back in 2009 when I identified as a straight cis woman.
Second, Personal Experiences of Femslash Fandom as a Queer Space, written in 2013 after I started identifying as a bi woman.
And now we have this, written in 2017, now that I identify as a genderfluid biromantic grey asexual. I guess we'll have to wait and see where I'm at in 2021 ;)

So! I've been into f/f since before I even realised queerness existed (my childhood feels about Anne/Diana let me tell you them), and into femslash fandom for about ten years. I have always identified much more strongly with female characters than male ones, and while I enjoy m/f romance I get tired of it's ubiquitous heteronormativity. So when I find good f/f I really enjoy it, and I get a kick out of making it.

When I realised I was bi a lot of things made more sense. I was a bi woman, no wonder I identified with female characters and like m/f and f/f! But when I realised I was genderfluid it made things a little more complicated.
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Sunday, August 11th, 2013 08:24 pm
I've seen a lot of people talk about slash fandom as a queer space, but I'm not sure I've seen anyone talk about femslash fandom as one.

When I started out in online fanworks based fandom I identified as straight and had extreme difficulty finding femslash for anything I was interested in. Figuring out where the femslashers are at and figuring out my sexuality have to some extent gone hand in hand, and hanging out with other femslashers has been a hugely positive experience.
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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 08:36 pm
Yes, really.

Because while I may not be into m/m much most of the time, and have my own Issues With Slash Fandom, I've seen a few posts pop up on tumblr recently (here's the most recent) which have been taking the very simplistic line that slash's popularity is purely a result of misogyny, and that writing m/m is equivalent to only writing about white people. These posts also act like het is this POOR OPPRESSED MINORITY which, no.

It's nearly 2013, fandom, have we still not moved beyond this? Can't we argue about something else now?
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Sunday, April 29th, 2012 09:36 am
or "One reason my Pride and Prejudice femslash fizzled out". This is for The 3rd Annual Femslash Mini Meta Fest in response to the prompt "What's your approach to writing femslash in times and places that are notoriously unfriendly for f/f relationships, especially historical settings?"
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Monday, January 26th, 2009 04:26 pm
First off, the title is deliberately misleading, this is definitely about why I like femslash. But hey, I think that's a problem with most of these sorts of essays :)

Every time I've seen femslash and yuri brought up in discussions/meta, it's generally quite quickly dismissed as not that interesting (or is theoretically interesting but the author knows nothing about it and isn't going to research), and the assumption is that the only people who read it are (a)Lesbian or bisexual women or (b) Straight men. (I've never heard anyone bring up bisexual male femslashers but they would presumably be explained the same way)

Since I am neither of those things (which is to say, I'm a straight woman, not a gay man. The thoughts of a gay male femslasher would be interesting too :)) and there has recently been angst over the lack of femslash meta I thought I'd think about why I like it, and what being a straight-girl girlslasher means. VERY much about my personal experiences since I don't know enough to generalise!

I should say first: I am VERY new to femslash fandom, so this may all be bunk. I've liked the idea since I first encountered the idea of fanfic but had real trouble finding any I liked. Some time last year I was pushed in the direction of comms like [livejournal.com profile] ffslashrecs and got more into it, and late last year started writing my first fanfic, which turned out to be femslash (still working on it, 9th chapter is on it's way :)) Also I do read slash, gen, and het as well, but have a special soft spot for femslash.

And of course not all people fit into any of the gay/straight/lesbian/bi boxes, and I haven't seen any related femslash meta on that score beyond questions about genderswap fic.
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 03:33 pm
The mysterious geographic explorations of Jasper Morello (full movie on youtube) Oh. My. God. This is an amazing neo-victorian short film, utterly gorgeous. But don't do what I did and go in expecting Tim Burton-esque darkness-hiding-a-schmoopy-heart, this is more Lovecraft or Edgar Allen Poe. Blarg. I haven't been that slowly horrified by misreading the genre of a film and letting myself get attached to the characters since "The Talented Mr Ripley".

Also, two fanfics where I've spent AGES wishing someone would write something like this but noone does, may actually appeal to non-fanfic types (both are G rated :))

First Passing Through Nature To Eternity a gen fic showing what it might have been like for the four founders during the founding of Hogwarts. From the POV of Rowena Ravenclaw which is an added bonus.

Second Boston Marriage (Gilmore Girls), a note-perfect Rory/Paris fic that never loses it's snark or descends into schmoopiness. A quote:
Inside was a forty-page printout of a PowerPoint presentation entitled Boston Marriage: The Thinking Woman's Solution. Rory gripped the doughnut between her teeth and sat back on the couch, PowerPoint in one hand and coffee in another. She paged through the presentation, determinedly not pausing at a chart labeled "A Historical Analysis of Gilmore Dating: Two Decades of Disaster." When she got to the three-page bibliography at the end, she flipped back to the beginning and read it again, more slowly.

It's pretty much exactly the sort of story I'm aiming for with "Marriage is Destiny", may have to give up in despair of ever being so awesome :)

Also, this may have less appeal to people who aren't me, but if there was ever a show which had potential for book-centered femslash(*) it's "Read or Die", and I came accross a slight but sweet Nenene/Maggy fic Kiss Me, I’m Drunk.

(*)I think my love of this genre goes back to my obsession with "Anne of Green Gables" as a child :D
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Saturday, December 20th, 2008 06:36 am
Woke up with random anxiety insomnia last night/this morning, so decided to kill time reading fanfic. Searching for lj coms with a "femslash" interest I came across [livejournal.com profile] genficfinder. "That's odd, I thought, femslash /= gen". And then I noticed their default icon said "It's all about sex baby".

Note to [livejournal.com profile] genficfinder: you keep using these words "gen fic" and "all fandoms", I do not think they mean what you think they mean, ie slash from "Anything from Panic! At The Disco to Slayer!" (I'll admit, there may also be some femslash in there somewhere, I didn't look very hard)

On the plus side, it just occured to me to search for "femslash + recs" at delicious. Huzzah!

I was going to say "But of course now it's 7am and Cam will be getting up so I can talk to him", but then remembered it's a Saturday, so I have hours to kill till then :D