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Thursday, November 26th, 2015 02:46 pm
For the Perth Gaming Festival this Saturday. I have a bunch of copanelists, so this is just points I want to hit, not a strict plan.

More people are playing and making games than ever before, and as the community has grown so too has the call for games that represent a wide range of human experience. This panel explores the importance of diversity in games, with discussion of ways developers can make more representative games, of how both players and game makers can be supportive of diverse voices, and will include examples of games featuring positive identity representations. Our panelists will speak from a wide range of perspectives, including disability, the LGBTIQ spectrum, and culturally diverse backgrounds.

My notes:
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Thursday, February 5th, 2015 11:23 am
Ancillary Conversation A conversation I was involved in at No Award about the Imperial Radch series.

Believing that life is fair might make you a terrible person As I said on tumblr: Now I’m thinking about the implications for effective activism. Should we be avoiding “this unjust thing happened to X marginalised group (or the environment)” signal boosting that doesn’t come with “and here’s what you can do about it”? That’s what my gut tends to say, but I guess there’s the implication that passing the information on IS doing something about it. And “just don’t tell people about unjust things that happened in history” seems like an unfortunate moral. HMM. I’m sure smarter people than me have thought about this.

Let's talk about category structure and oppression! Everyone is expected to relate to a cis straight white anglophone American man. We're all like them, they're just (default, category-central) people after all! But they're not like us.

THE CATEGORIES WERE MADE FOR MAN, NOT MAN FOR THE CATEGORIES A bit rambly but eventually about the way we define "man"and "woman".

The EntitleMen: techno-libertarian right wing sockpuppets of silicon valley This is a bit rambly but makes some interesting comments about facism, libertarianism, and tech.

Basic income paid to the poor can transform lives

Safe a safe space for People of Colour who have an interest in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I'm sure I must have linked this already but it was on the list, so.

Everything is problematic Someone's path through some of the more unhealthy parts of acitivism.

France begins jailing people for ironic comments

And via anghraine, two examples of Korra fans turning "I don't like this" into "this is problematic", eg my least favourite kind of fannish "activism": anyone who likes Book 3 more is sexist, representation doesn't count if I didn't enjoy it.


SUPERMARKET MONSTERS Coles, Woolworths and the price we pay for their domination

Hmmph. The article I linked to about it has vanished, but here's the petition to revoke Adam Baldwin's invitation to the con Supanova
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Thursday, October 29th, 2009 12:03 pm
I thought about posting this to [livejournal.com profile] gynaecon but I feel my ideas are still too brainstormy and vague at this stage, also there's just not many people on that comm! I'm definitely not meaning to talk about them behind their backs, what with all but three of them being on my friends list :D1. If I feel like I've poked at the idea enough to make a coherent point I'll post it.
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Friday, August 14th, 2009 10:55 am
This is a not a proper post, just stuff I will probably forget about by the time I get around to making an actual post unless I post it now.

Stargate Universe makes Dollhouse and Stargate Atlantis look unproblematic and awesome.

There have been several discussions about issues at Worldcon.

This has been making me think about Aussiecon. This post for example brings up the culture clash between American and Australian/British etc conceptions of race and how this can cause problems with stuff like a "People of Colour Meet & Greet" (beyond the problems they already have with this sort of thing in America(*))

It also made me seriously ponder getting a mobility scooter for Aussiecon. They sound convenient, and walking is hard!

An example of the way it's better to discuss this sort of thing in advance rather than just hoping things go ok is the fact that the location for Femmeconne, the local feminist con, is apparently full of stairs because it simply didn't occur to the organisers to ask about accessibility :/ (I don't do stairs, not unless it's a single flight I walk up once)

(*)I remember reading some posts about how white people got offended by and kept trying to invade the POC safe space at Wiscon but I can't find them now, closest I came was Wiscon Squee and Fail or Why I Still Don't Love Cons. But in Australia there's going to be all that plus cultural differences about what terms to use for POC/non-white people etc, plus the fact that afaict we're more inclined to ignore race as an Issue all together. I forsee Drama.
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Monday, June 29th, 2009 10:27 pm
This is a report about [livejournal.com profile] femmeconne, a women's con held last.. September?

I started writing this after I got back, but it was a VERY stressful time for me, especially with regards my health, so I never finished it. And now I've forgotten what I was going to say. So the first part is the original draft, the second my 8-month-old vague recollections.

Original Draft
Since I was incredibly curious before I went, and other people also seem to be, a synopsis of my time there. Note that I got sick for the Sunday, and was a bit woozy on the Saturday, and in general YMMV.
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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 04:00 pm
Right, and now some thoughts on the actual content of Admitting Impediments: Post-WisCon Posts, Part I, or, That Post I Never Made About RaceFail '09 and other related conversations, based largely on comments I left there and on my post Two Fandoms both alike in dignity... Since her terminology means something different in the context of local fandom I'm going to use "fanfic" and "old school" instead of her "media" and "book". They're still wrong, of course, but in a different way :)

Paradoxically, I think the fact that she has a point and tries to express it in an inclusive way has helped crystalise for me some of the ways fanfic meta tends to be seriously flawed and uninclusive. Normally I just roll my eyes and go "Yeah, yeah, more smug fanfic meta" and scroll by, but I don't let myself scroll by racism meta that makes me uncomfortable, so I really poked at my reactions (I REALLY hope I haven't ended up being all white person defensive about race in this post, but am open to the possibility that I may be). This post is more about the general arguments I have seen than any one post.

I'm not going to argue that fanfic fandom doesn't deal better with race, because afaict FOC (non-white fans) think it does and their opinion is the only one that counts. And given that this is the case, I think old school fandom should try and learn from fanfic fandom's example (see bottom of post).

But I'm sick of so many conversations being framed as "Why my form of fandom is Better and the True Form Of Fandom", so that even when it's true (in at least one respect) it's hard to engage with an open mind. I wrote up my general annoyance in What annoys me about fanfic meta.
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And some ways similar ideas will benefit those outside old school fandom (separated out because this is not the same as fighting racism):

  • Be more open in general and acknowledge that not only has fandom changed, but that parts of fandom have been excluded for years. There needs to be a multiplicity of voices in fandom: fans of anime, fanfic, roleplaying, comics and webcomics, as well as people who interact online or in other places beyond Proper Cons. See these people as Real Fans, and take their opinions on fandom as seriously as anyone else's.
  • Accept change. You personally do not have to start liking fanfic etc, but accept that other people have other tastes, and if the overall taste of fandom changes (which it has before, is now, and will again) then fandom and conventions (especially "comprehensive" ones like Wiscon or Worldcon or Natcon) need to change to respect that (luckily, by my first point, it should still make space for your tastes too, even if they end up being a minority)

What we should NOT do is dismiss this all as "Some bunch of (American) fanfic writers complaining about nothing". Because fanfic writers are fans too, and because regardless of what social group they're in, when POC complain about racism and the only people who think it's not a big deal are white people, it's time to take a good hard look at yourself. And because there are FOC in "old school" fandom (including in Australia) and always have been, and because we are human beings in an unjust world and it's the right thing to do.

(nb comments screened since I used all the spoons I might use to answer comments to this post writing it! Will get to comments eventually. I will NOT leave anything which follows my commenting rules screened, even if it says I'm an idiot or whatever, I just want to make sure I'm in a state to deal with anything problematic before other people have to)